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Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan was developed as a means to establish a clear mandate for allocation of the funds generated by the Hydro Scheme. It was formulated through extensive consultation with the residents of the local community, visitors and holiday home-owners past and present in order to gather the opinions of a wide range of people with an interest in the area through completion of a survey. Seventy-one surveys were completed. In addition interviews with member of the community including children, elderly members and business owners were conducted over a three week period to gain a deeper understanding of the various needs and priorities of different groups. After the survey results were complied a community meeting was held to determine the priorities based on eight themes highlighted by the survey. The meeting was facilitated by Community Development Staff from Argyll & Bute Council. The Community Action Plan is based on the priorities and action decided upon at this meeting, with members of the community taking ownership of each project alongside the Community Council, Dalavich Social Club, Dalavich Improvement Group, Argyll & Bute Council and various community groups. The plan outlines the views of the community on their main likes and dislikes about living in the area and about what potential projects could enhance life in the community.

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